lunes, 13 de mayo de 2019

On Friday 22nd March we celebrated the India Day in Caizuela. It´s a day in which we do everything in English. This is the 7th  country we talked about, in previous years we worked about: United Kingdom, USA, Scotland, Ireland, Australia and Canada.
This year we did lots of activities related to India, like henna tattoos, coloring the Indian flag, cooking Indian food and puzzles with Indian animals.

We are really thankful to Javier Casáñez,  a father from Naveces who show us how to make pottery and made a special Indian vase for each one of us. We also met two of the most famous characters from India, Mother Theresa and Gandhi.
We really like travelling and we wonder which will be our next destination.
We want to share this experience with the schools we visited or are going to visit  with the program Erasmus+.

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  1. What a fantastic activity to promote the learning of other languages and cultures! Great work, CRA Castrillón-Illas.